New Geoseeker for locating underground water and caves


This short movie introduces the new geoelectrical device Geoseeker from OKM. Great new features are integrated in this new water detector. The Geoseeker can locate water and caves deep underground.

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New handheld ground penetrating radar Gepard GPR


Short video presentation of the new handheld ground penetrating radar Gepard GPR. Find your treasures and buried objects in high depth underground. This new radar unit is one of the most lightweight and smallest gpr units available. It is easy to transport and can be used for outdoor treasure hunting in the fields.

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eXp 4500 ground scanner for treasure hunters and gold seekers


This video shows a comprehensive introduction to the eXp 4500 ground scanner from OKM, which has been developed for treasure hunters, gold seekers, prospectors and archaeologists to find hidden treasures, natural gold, underground chambers, ancient artifacts, historical items and such.