Long Range Detectors

OKM Long Range Detectors are specially designed for gold and silver detection in long distances. Find a new treasure spot or underground gold deposits just by pointing the long range device in the right direction. The long range detector gives an alarm signal (acoustic sound and/or signal lamp) to indicate that gold or silver has been located.

No 3d analysis and no work on a computer necessary.

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 Bionic X4 long range gold detector with smartphone

Calibration on gold

Calibration on gold

The Bionic X4 is the latest model of the long range detectors. It works in combination with a smartphone. Via the camera of the smartphone you can see the position of a located gold object. Bionic X4 also uses the integrated compass of the smartphone and can detect gold in many kilometers distance.


Bionic 01 experienced gold long range system

Gold finder Bionic 01

Gold finder Bionic 01


The Bionic 01 is a long range system for gold and silver, easy to operate. Via cross pinpointing it is possible to locate the position of a located gold or silver target.