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OKM Detecting Technology – Professional metal detection with OKM detecting instruments!

OKM detecting equipment includes professional metal detectors, geophysical instruments, GPR and 3d ground scanners.

Metal detecting technology ‘made in Germany’

OKM Managers Ingolf Müller & Andreas Krauß

OKM Managers Ingolf Müller & Andreas Krauß

OKM metal detectors has been successfully used in all different kind of fields. Not only professional treasure hunters and hobby gold seekers are using OKM detectors, also professional geophysical surveys, geological researches and Industrial explorations has been done with professional OKM equipment. OKM Germany is one of the leading manufacturers of professional metal detectors and geophysical instruments worldwide and their unique OKM technology is one of the most innovative technologies nowadays, including modern detection features in all of their detectors. In the last 2 decades OKM is setting new standards in visual depth detection. Using combined metal detecting methods it is possible to reach higher depths than a normal metal detector can reach and locate not only metals like gold, silver or iron but also cavities like tunnels, caves and hidden chambers under the surface.

Welcome message from Ingolf Müller & Andreas Krauß, owners of OKM Germany:

”Thank you to all our valuable customers for placing your trust in our company. We ourselves have been enthousiastic treasure hunters, long before even having started this company together. We were looking for new type of metal detectors allowing us to find more treasure than others do and giving us the chance to ‘see’ deeper in the ground than common metal detectors do. That is why we started to develop new products and finally were ready to open our own company in the metal detector business with the help of professional engineers at our side.

Now that a decade has passed, we saw numerous evidences of OKM detectors’ success worldwide, happy customers telling us about their treasure discoveries using OKM detectors in the field. We were happy to see our company growing day by day. Building up a reliable worldwide dealer network, establishing our own branch in the United Arab Emirates and finally building a world unique ‘golden pyramide’ as our new headquarter in Germany are only some of the steps making our company grow. Due to a wide and detailed knowledge in technology and innovative products we can assure you to provide good service, give you professional advice to choose the right metal detector for your needs and guarantee you that with OKM you will have a reliable partner at your side.”

OKM products

OKM offers detecting equipments with different specialization such as gold detectors, metal detectors, treasure detectors, 3d ground scanners,ground penetrating radars, long range detectors, geoelectrical measuring instruments, thermo scans, seismic instruments, detectors for cavity detection or water localisation.


These detecting instruments can be used for different purposes such as treasure hunting, gold detection, gold prospecting, finding buried treasure or lost juwelry, coin detection, 3d imaging of underground bunkers, tunnels or voids, grave detection, detection of military objects or war material, industrial metal detection and much more.

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