New Geoseeker for locating underground water and caves


This short movie introduces the new geoelectrical device Geoseeker from OKM. Great new features are integrated in this new water detector. The Geoseeker can locate water and caves deep underground.

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NEW Geoseeker available now!

New water detector Geoseeker

The new Geoseeker from OKM for locating water and caves is available now! This new developed geoelectrical device is using ground resistivity to locate underground anomalies like water deposits or cavities in Continue Reading →

Future I-160 find World War II crash site with unerring accuracy

London fighter plane WWII

East Anglian scientist, Malcolm Weale of Eye in Suffolk, played a crucial part in the Channel 5 live documentary “Fighter Plane Dig” screened nationwide over the bank holiday weekend. Using Continue Reading →

Lost guerilla gold detected by lucky hobby detectorists in Greece

Gold treasure box Greece

After a long time of research for treasures in the greek mountains, the hobby detectorist Mr. Vulgaris and his partner made the finding they were hoping for since a long Continue Reading →

Greek artefacts detected by OKM’s Cavefinder in the Ukraine

Antique greek vases found in Ukraine

A small team of treasure hunting enthusiasts discovered an interesting archaeological area where Greeks settled down in former times near to the river Dnepr in the Ukraine. With the help Continue Reading →

Supposed pirate treasure found on the coast of Suriname

old bottles 17th century

Mr. L. C., a treasure seeker from the US has made a fascinating and surprising discovery with his treasure hunting instrument and bottle detector eXp 4000 (now eXp 4500) while Continue Reading →

Grave with ancient goat bells and rings discovered in Iran

Ancient goat bells and rings Iran

An old grave including human remains together with some copper rings, and valuable historical goat or sheep bells has been detected in Iran by using the Future 2005 (now Future Continue Reading →

Ancient gold and copper coins found in Maghreb country

Ancient coins found in Maghreb country

A lucky OKM user from Maghreb in North Africa reported about his successful treasure hunt. He was using the 3d metal detector and ground scanner eXp 3000, the predecessor of Continue Reading →

New handheld ground penetrating radar Gepard GPR


Short video presentation of the new handheld ground penetrating radar Gepard GPR. Find your treasures and buried objects in high depth underground. This new radar unit is one of the most lightweight and smallest gpr units available. It is easy to transport and can be used for outdoor treasure hunting in the fields.

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eXp 4500 ground scanner for treasure hunters and gold seekers


This video shows a comprehensive introduction to the eXp 4500 ground scanner from OKM, which has been developed for treasure hunters, gold seekers, prospectors and archaeologists to find hidden treasures, natural gold, underground chambers, ancient artifacts, historical items and such.