NEW Geoseeker available now!

The new Geoseeker from OKM for locating water and caves is available now! This new developed geoelectrical device is using ground resistivity to locate underground anomalies like water deposits or cavities in high depth up to incredible 250 meters!

Locate new water sources in dry areas up to 250 m depth!

Look for underground caves and natural cavities at incredible depths!

Approved measurement principle used by geologists all over the world.

Order your professional water detector now for a net price of 8200 EUR (additional 21% VAT inside EU).

New water detector Geoseeker

New water detector Geoseeker


One thought on “NEW Geoseeker available now!

  1. I want to purchase a unit of this geoseeker water finder.
    But I want you to confirm to me the reliability of the equipment.
    Does the equipment calculate the volume of water in terms of percentage?
    How easy it is in terms of field operation?

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