Future I-160 find World War II crash site with unerring accuracy

London fighter plane WWII

East Anglian scientist, Malcolm Weale of Eye in Suffolk, played a crucial part in the Channel 5 live documentary “Fighter Plane Dig” screened nationwide over the bank holiday weekend. Using Continue Reading →

Grave with ancient goat bells and rings discovered in Iran

Ancient goat bells and rings Iran

An old grave including human remains together with some copper rings, and valuable historical goat or sheep bells has been detected in Iran by using the Future 2005 (now Future Continue Reading →

Dugout from World War I found on Flanders battlefields in Belgium

Scanning the field with OKM 3d ground scanner for hidden tunnels; bunkers or dugouts from WWI.

90 years after the famous battle of Passchendaele in Belgium a british team of scientists and archeologists has made a astonishing discovery. Near to the city of Ypres, here in Belgium Continue Reading →