Lost guerilla gold detected by lucky hobby detectorists in Greece

Gold treasure box Greece

After a long time of research for treasures in the greek mountains, the hobby detectorist Mr. Vulgaris and his partner made the finding they were hoping for since a long Continue Reading →

Greek artefacts detected by OKM’s Cavefinder in the Ukraine

Antique greek vases found in Ukraine

A small team of treasure hunting enthusiasts discovered an interesting archaeological area where Greeks settled down in former times near to the river Dnepr in the Ukraine. With the help Continue Reading →

New handheld ground penetrating radar Gepard GPR


Short video presentation of the new handheld ground penetrating radar Gepard GPR. Find your treasures and buried objects in high depth underground. This new radar unit is one of the most lightweight and smallest gpr units available. It is easy to transport and can be used for outdoor treasure hunting in the fields.

>>> Click here <<< to know more about the features and characteristics of the ground penetrating radar Gepard GPR.