Why buying from OKM?

Our company is doing their utmost best to provide a quick and helpful advice and service for you. No matter if you are a professional seeker, archaeologist or geologist, a treasure hunter or a private person doing metal detection as a hobby, OKM helps you to find the right detecting equipment for your requirements and helps you all the way through your project by providing useful tips and advice. We will even assist you with your 3d scans and measurement results if needed.

Here our top reasons why to trust us as professional partner on your side:

  1. OKM offers fast and effective help and advice for all their customers. No matter if you are looking for new metal detecting equipment or need help with your current OKM detector, we are making sure to be immediately available for your request via telephone and/or to answer your written inquiry the same day. Our knowledgeable staff can give you professional advice in any situation, even if you are encountering any issue while detecting in the outdoors. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.
  2. We have various OKM detector models available for on-site demonstrations (by appointment only). You may contact us to get a demonstration of an OKM detector to see its functioning in the field. During this on-site demonstration we show and explain all the possibilities and advantages of the OKM detector in different terrains. We also provide training possibilities in the outdoors for all our clients. The training usually includes performing on-site measurements in a correct way, how to handle your OKM metal detector and how to analyse its scan results. During the training we also will show you how to use your OKM detector effectively and successfully for your particular project and terrain conditions.
  3. Our professional staff is available for helping you with the analysis of your 3d scans obtained with your OKM detector. You can send us your scans by email along with some information about your terrain and measurement procedure, then we will do our best to give you an professional advice and analysis of your 3d ground scans (Please understand that we can only give a rough evaluation, and are not liable for errors, since we ourselves are not present during the measurements and do not know about your local conditions). We will also help you with trouble shooting if you encounter any issues.
  4. In the last years, unfortunately a lot of non-functioning pirate copies of the OKM brand appeared on the market, produced by companies who illegally try to take advantage of this worldwide well known brand. That is why it is recommended to never buy any detecting equipment from a not certified dealer. Buying from our factory or one of our authorized dealers means buying an original product of the OKM brand manufactured in Germany, along with full functionality and full warranty.
  5. We have professional trained staff. We are more than happy to share our know-how with you.
  6. We offer a quick delivery to nearly every country, because we work with trusted internationally known shipping companies such as FedEx, UPS, DHL or GLS. We want you to receive your new purchase detecting equipment on time. All international shipments outside of Germany can be tracked with a reference number online.
  7. OKM offers the best quality/price/service ratio. Should you find anywhere else a cheaper offer than we gave you, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to satisfy your interests.
  8. You can always count on us! Should you encounter any issue whatsoever we will do all what is in our power to help you out. This includes communicating with your shipping agent or customs, helping for quickly getting your detector repaired, assist you to use your metal detector correctly and successfully or advising you which equipment the best to use in your project and local conditions.
  9. We will always update you with the latest news in metal detecting, give regularly information about discovered treasures, new developed metal detecting equipment, post videos and all what could be of interest for you.
  10. Metal detection is also our passion. We are metal detectorists by ourselves, using OKM equipment for many years in different projects worldwide and know what to pay attention to when using OKM detectors in the fields. We want to be part of your adventure and your success.